Bathroom Updates

Bathroom Remodelling Services

Are you looking to increase comfort and safety in your bathroom? Want to boost the aesthetics and resale value of your home? Consider investing in a bathroom remodel. Granted, bathroom renovations are no walk in the park. That’s why at Fast Best Renovation, we take all aspects of your space into account when transforming your bathroom space.

The bathroom remodelling process

To begin with, we take the time to understand your main purpose of renovating the current bathroom. People renovate their bathrooms for many reasons. For one, it could be to accommodate the needs of a growing family with more members of the household. For another, a remodel would help maximize the small space and create more room to suit their lifestyle. At Fast Beat Renovation, we’ve also handled many bathroom remodels for clients who simply want to showcase their unique style and add some charm to their existing space. Whatever your goals are, we’re happy to discuss ideas on how to bring them to life.

Next, whether it’s a small, medium, or big bathroom remodel, we believe that the most important step is planning. We’ll help you set up a plan that will include your desired design, timelines, and budget for this project. Planning is such an important factor in the success of your bathroom remodel because it helps us to determine how much resources will be needed and allocate them in due time. The most critical variables in the plan will be the budget and bathroom design. Our design and construction team will use the best quality materials within your budget to bring out the design exactly the way you envision it.

Once we’re done with the actual plan, we get our hands dirty and begin the process of transforming your vision into a reality. We have expert designers and construction specialists to handle all the demands of a bathroom remodel. From plumbing and fixtures to bathroom flooring and walls, be guaranteed that your space will be in good hands.

Need extra storage in your bathroom?

Many of our clients have come to us for help in increasing the storage compartments in their bathroom space. We’re glad that our team is highly experienced in smart storage compartments for bathrooms of all sizes. We can recommend different options from stackable glass to acrylic jars and tall corner cabinets, there’s just so much to consider when it comes to bathroom storage. We’ll go over some smart storage ideas that will not only add functionality to your existing space but also improve its aesthetics and resale value.

Bathroom demolitions done safely and effectively

In most bathroom remodels, we demolish certain elements like the fixtures and drywall that need to be replaced. This demolition process requires professional tools and expertise to be done safely and effectively. Our team comes with extensive experience in bathroom remodels hence no need to worry about any losses or damage. We will safely remove the insulation and everything else inside your bathroom that needs to be replaced. From removing the vanity cabinets, mirrors, and floor tiles to making sure the bathtub is safely removed to avoid destroying the existing plumbing works, our team has got you covered.

Questions to ask when planning a bathroom remodel

• Need a new shower?

We’ve got plenty of shower types to recommend for your next bathroom remodel. The final shower you choose will depend on the design and budget you’ve set aside for your project. From the highly modern and expensive digital showers to the eco shower with smart features that allow you to adjust the flow rate and preserve energy, the team at Fast Beat Renovation will go over several options with you. We’ll also help you choose the appropriate shower and sink fixtures to suit your space.

• How long will it take?

Bathroom remodels can take two weeks to three months to complete depending on the work required. If a lot of demolition needs to be done, that will take 4 to 5 days to complete, sometimes up to a week. Plumbing and electrical connections alone can take up to a week depending on how much needs to be done.

You’ve got so many options to choose from when it comes to bathtubs. We may recommend a corner bathtub if you have a small bathroom and you want to maximize the available space. A freestanding bathtub may be a suitable choice for a spacious bathroom area. Whether you’re looking to add elegance and style or to make your bath area a little more spacious, we’ll help you figure out the type of bathtub that would suit the space perfectly.