Flooring Services

One of the critical parts of any home is its flooring. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, or kitchen, the flooring you choose should complement the room’s design and functional requirements. At Fast Best Renovation, we have installed different kinds of flooring including popular options like hardwood, tiles, and carpet. We have expert contractors who will not only guide you on choosing the best flooring materials but also ensure they are installed without any problem. At Fast Best Renovation, we’ve completed hundreds of projects and given every customer 100% satisfaction. Our goal is to understand the client’s unique needs and embark on making their vision a true reality.

What are the best flooring options to consider?

When you come to us for flooring installation, we begin by providing you the numerous options available for the space. We only pick quality flooring materials from reputable companies and high-end stores. We understand that flooring must be functional and decorative at the same time. That’s why we consider not only the placement of the flooring material but also your budget and preferences when choosing the ideal type.

Find the best kitchen flooring

If you need new flooring for your kitchen space, there are several factors we consider when recommending the ideal type. First, kitchen flooring must be safe since it’s one of the rooms in the home that gets the most traffic. A safe kitchen floor will be properly levelled, slip-resistant, and free of obstructions. Secondly, we always recommend kitchen flooring that’s easy to maintain. Kitchens floors are prone to stains which is why a floor that’s easy to clean up every day is an excellent choice. For kitchen renovations, we avoid options like solid hardwood which may not respond well to spills and exposure to moisture. We also consider durability when it comes to kitchen flooring. Materials like tiling, vinyl, and laminate are best used on kitchen floors because they are easy to clean, safe, and durable.

Find the best bathroom flooring

One key factor to consider for bathroom floors is the material’s ability to withstand moisture. For this reason, materials like solid hardwood are a poor choice for bathrooms. For clients who are on a budget, we recommend inexpensive options like laminate which is durable and easy to install. When professionally installed with a good quality glue, laminate flooring will not present problems on the seams and edges and will last for a long time. The most popular bathroom flooring type is tiling because of the different styles and shapes available as well as the materials that it can be made from. Bathroom tiles can be made from natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic. These are low maintenance options that are extremely durable.

Find the best basement flooring

Basement renovations are among the hardest remodels to pull off in any home. This is because there are unavoidable circumstances in the basement such as high moisture levels which the remodel must address. Moisture can stubbornly accumulate on the basement flooring and walls leading to significant damage. Our professional basement renovators will use waterproof underlayment to keep moisture problems at bay. We can install different flooring types such as carpeting, engineered wood flooring, and vinyl. We ensure that a proper subfloor is installed to block moisture and prevent water damage.

Best flooring for family rooms

Your living room acts as the space where you get the most relaxation and comfort in our home. Good flooring for this space should not only create a cosy environment but also add on to the room’s style and décor. Some of the top choices we recommend for living room flooring include:

• Solid hardwood: This is not only durable but also attractive and stylish. You can go for exotic wood species depending on your budget and what suits your home.

• Engineered wood floors: They are designed to mimic the look of solid hardwood. Engineered wood floors are durable and more affordable than solid hardwood. They are available in a variety of styles and colours to choose from.

• Carpeting: If you prefer a more traditional style of flooring for your living area, carpeting could be an ideal option. We can help you identify high-quality carpets made of natural fibres that are eco-friendly and long-lasting.

• Cork flooring: This material is quite popular today due to its environmental benefits. Cork is a comfortable, durable, and affordable flooring material ideal for family rooms.

Whatever your needs are, the team at Fast Best Renovation will help you choose the best flooring material for your home and ensure it is professionally installed. Flooring brings the rest of your home’s décor together. We’ll help you make the right decision.